JAM On Roland Martin's News One Now Featured On TVONe
JAM On Roland Martin’s News One Now
Featured On TVOne
Jessica Ann Mitchell aka Jam-the-lbg

Our Legaci is an interactive journal started by award winning writer Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor. JAM explores different nuances of the Black experience and  strives to learn more about the Legacy of Black people and their future in a forever changing world.

JAM has a Master of Arts in Pan African Studies and a Master of Science in Public Relations from Syracuse University. She is also the founder of Black Bloggers Connect.

The blog was originally called Black Love Speak and was a weekly column.  JAM came up with the idea of beginning Black Love Speak because there are many issues affecting Black and African descended communities around the world that need to be discussed from a place of love and understanding in order for positive growth to be accomplished.  You don’t have to agree with her. This is just a platform to share thoughts and promote much needed dialogue. But beware, she goes hard (all in love of course). The Black Love Speak Column is now featured on OurLegaci.com.

For speaking engagements contact JAM Aiwuyor at OurLegaci@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “About Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor

  1. I’ve been seeking an alternative to Black Voices, and the “Black Voices” section on Huffington Post is riddled with troll commentary. The Grio is nice but you have to use your Facebook profile, and I prefer not to do that. Having come across this site via an article shared on social media, I finally feel that I have a place to go — a place that like the original Black Voices on AOL, provides a place where I can discuss issues of interest with others who share my experiences instead of spending most of the time unpleasantly interacting with those who don’t like the skin I’m in. The posters here are very smart. And while I have read one silly comment, the majority ignore such posters. That’s a relief. I am so happy that this site exists. Thank you, Jessica!

    1. Thanks Tash. I’m glad you found Our Legaci. I started this site for the purpose of intellectually discussing issues important to our community. I look forward to sharing more commentary with you.

      1. was sent your blog on Kanye West and found your deconstruction of his mindset very refreshing and hopefully fruitful. after reading some of the post/comments I decided to subscribe. I am very troubled by what I see and read regarding the direction our young peoples value system has taken. What is even more troubling is the nonability to respond to a rational argument by reinforcing the basic premise as a rebuttal. The concept that money makes everything right never mind the moral compasse or destruction of value systems that our forebears died to establish.

  2. You write with such careful insight and thoughtfulness. Our people deserve to read more of your kind of editorials/event-telling. Please keep on the excellent work!

  3. I was glancing through a classmate page and seen the articles and responses made about our culture and young people. That sparked my attention, b/c that’s who I try to reach out to with the clothing line I am bringing forth. I would 1st of all like to say its good to see something a Black Woman started which could be used as inspiration to another Young Black Woman. Its good to share our thoughts about this world today and how our famous individuals {black} seem like they are forgetting how they forgot where they came from. I am a young black man starting a christian clothing line to help not only spread the good word, but to show the young black generation that it doesn’t matter from where you came its where you trying to go. Some hate to see us (blacks) succeed, but look at how the successful brothers and sisters are doing now. Forgetting where they came from which in hand makes it hard for the upcoming generations to be supported.

  4. I like your website Ms. AIWUYOR, but I would like to comment that have you ever considered the light skin woman’s perspective about being perceived as “WANTING TO BE WHITE”? The color-ism problem is deeply rooted in “white supremacy” and “colonialism” (judge by your writing skills and usage of language you are aware of this matter). I think you are an attractive, and intelligent dark-skin black woman, however I think in this political climate “all black regardless of color”, or class should be preparing our children with how to combat white supremacy with “anti-racism”.
    We should be organizing and taking action in combating the “PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”, not engaging in childish debates about “celebrities” and random bullshit. The television is the man source of brainwashing to our pyche and our children. The website has good content but I am the problems, actions, solutions type of black man. I do not like to spend the whole day talking because that time and energy could be used to start a business, teach a civil rights group, cop watching, and other useful things to black people worldwide. I like enjoy reading your comments especially about that trash movie “GET OUT” which I will leave my review of this movie at another time.


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