Jessica Ann Mitchell addresses different topics discussed in the documentary Dark Girls.


2 thoughts on “A Dark Girl’s Reaction To Dark Girls

  1. your opinion and view point on the shades of Black/, sounded fair, but I really wonder what the fuss is really about the black color shades( not the video, the whole color tone issue!) black/African decends should learn to appreciate something ,at least one something about our selves, we keep saying we free but how free are we mentally? the ‘color-code’, has nothing to do with black people it has everything to do with what the white man feels is acceptable and we keep dwelling on that? light skinned black ,dark skinned black.. are we not the only race with that kinda skin diversity? that is more that a great something to enjoy and be proud of.

    1. Kweku, I agree with your comment. I wish many of us would stop showing favoritism based on skin tone. Unfortunately, until this subject is talked about in a larger forum and addressed at individual levels, we will continue to be mentally enslaved by this mentality. You are also right that we are not the only race with this kind of skin diversity, however, other races still have colorism issues that are the same, if not worse, than the Black community’s.


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