The difference between Africans and African Americans…

Africans and African Americans/Black Americans have deep connections. During slavery, many African cultural attributes among enslaved Africans in the Americas were retained but some were also lost (in-part) such as (language and religion). Africans, on the other had endured colonialism (slavery by another name) which presented a new dimension of issues. Due to slavery and colonialism, these connections between Africans and African American or Black Americans have been strained. Much of the tension is based on conflicting and stereotypical media portrayals that have been cross promoted among the two groups.

For the most part, many members of both groups would consider themselves Black (based on color) but at times descents of enslaved Africans in the Americas, do not view themselves as African. However, there are many African Americans that embrace their African heritage and make trips to Africa to learn more about their ancestors. There are instances when Africans do not view African Americans or Black Americans as Africans due to differences in cultural backgrounds. This is not always the case. Often times Africans bond with African Americans. In many instances both groups are essentially linked and do have cultural, economical and ethnic similarities that will forever bond them. In fact, many Africans and African Americans work together towards fighting racism and the oppression that plagues Black/ African descendants around the world.

8 thoughts on “The Difference Between Africans and African Americans

  1. The difference between Africans and African Americans are not just the skin arrays of colors,which are beautiful in both cultures. But also the cultural engineering of African descents around the world. This started when they were made orphans from the region of their birth. In slavery, various African cultural aspects amid enslaved Africans in the Americas were retained, this is true. Nevertheless, some cultural traits were lost because adjustments that had to take place in order for the enslaved laborers to communicate with owners and for them to be worthy assets. The loss of language and alterations in religion were necessary for the enslavement pattern upon a people orphaned to its continent. African descents had to be made estranged from their indigenous way of life, heritage, language and religion. Africans on the other hand are still there in the lands of their birth. Knowing of their true cultural heritage and even connecting to various African Americans. The conflicting and stereotypical portrayals about Africans and African Americans are very much disturbing and contradicting. Our assimilation in the U.S. 20th century has only shown us that we are at a loss. This loss is in finding our true place in the African Continent. Some of us will never know what part of the African Continent our family truly came from. The reality is African Americans cultural differences were required through slavery and therefore made gapes between the Africans and African Americans cultural ways. Yet, I do agree that we still have cultural, economic and ethnic similarities.

  2. We all daily face criticism/Racism regardless of whether you be African or African-American. Since High School I have known African Americans to identify themselves as different from Africans.It’s almost a decade now and nothing has changed! They always ask “Where were you born?” to make sure you are one of them or you are a foreigner! Why? Not only because they wanna feel good they think they better than those foreigners but because they want to keep it that way, especially when they don’t ask more questions! They don’t wanna know that Africa is a continent made up of diverse countries, they think it is a country and it has been like this for more than 15 years for many!!!
    How I, an african who has now become a US Citizen, feel about this difference: The African-American people and Africans are two COMPLETELY separate races.This is what you end up with after a lot of research and overwhelming thinking.However the African American peoples at most times present no danger to Africans they work with, go to school with, or are with at most times and the Africans do the same.

  3. Hi I’m a African American born in raised in Baltimore in my parents were to in my mom looks just like me but it seems like if I don’t know u people think I’m from Africa in I say no in the they listen to my accent in be like he straight hood but the whole point is I think as Americans we are ignorant and think it’s funny to make fun of Africans when u could be related to them in never know oh and I’m dark skin mom is brown skin in grandma from Philadelphia

  4. If I am born in America I must be born an American. If I was born in Africa then I am African. If I were to LEGALLY immigrate to America, then I am casting off my African status to become American or vice versa. How come when I type african my spell checker makes me capitalize the a, but if I type american it doesn’t make me capitalize the a ?

    1. “American” is a nationality. Being African goes beyond nationality (since Africa is not a country). Africanity is based on lineage. So yes you can be born in America but be African.

  5. Hello . I’m African and I have studied the African American race for a long time. the truth be told, our cultures, values and behavior are completely different. It would be absurd for any one who was born in Africa, has its descendants from pure African blood to identify with African Americans. African Americans were taken into slavery a long time ago, lived in America and over the years have changed their culture.. Nothing wrong with the change, children of African immigrants cannot totally fit with the African American culture. My country is not a very organized, decent, or good country, but since we were not under slavery; our attitudes to racism is different. Racism especially when you think a person judges you for your skin colour alone can hurt like a knife piercing your soul. Generally, I discovered that Africans do better with “racism” than African Americans. Our colonial masters were not brutal, though a thorough understanding of African culture would show that our way of life is mainly determined by our tribes.. that is how we behave… I find the African Americans too different from me.. I pretty much do not understand the way they speak in terms of how the English language is spoken by them. My apologies, I tend to understand the white Americans perfectly.. I do not know why people living in the same country with no tribal differences would speak a different form of English language. I have never seen the white man as an oppressor, I might be wrong, I stand to be corrected, I went to a secondary school with people of different nationalities, and every culture was celebrated( the good part). In my tribe, we appreciate the white man for his knowledge of being able to change his environment to suit him through the knowledge of science.. Its sad that my country has not been able to make herself decent. One thing I have discovered is that men would always oppress each other, but the oppressed need to raise his or head up, rise through the oppression and prove their worth; trust me, black people were not hated so much as for now.. the Japanese were one of the most hated people, the Jewish people were also one of the most hated people.. After receiving some amount of freedom, the onus lies on the oppressed to prove himself and engage in decent and a respectful way. Also to give people a good reason to respect them… Then the idea of being sub humans would not be discussed… it hurts me to see African immigrants totally imitate the African American culture, I respect them as much as I respect any other group but we certainly look at things separately and we definitely don’t speak alike.. I would speak about Africans, not African Americans… unfortunately we are laid back, and are certainly not the most hardworking race on earth.. nonetheless, there are tribes that value hard work, as much as I’m hurt, pained and ashamed to say this, we are generally lazy; on hyper sexuality, not Africans really. Also we tend to be selfish and this hurts me a lot.. that’s why corruption is a major problem in Africa. We say we love each other, yet we embezzle s public funds and say we love our people ( what an irony). we celebrates criminals… another thing is that we lack organizational skills. Many times I try to organize something and put things into place, and I discovered that we really lack that.. I hope one day Africans would sit to reflect and stop this madness.. I come from a tribe that encourages hard work, despises laziness, and have mutual respect for each other, very open to civilization and still keeps the good part of our culture. we had a chance to show the world that we might be good.. but we blew it.. and I discover that we thrive in mediocrity.. as I sit to write this, it hurts me that it is like that.. the truth must be told all the time.. if we don’t say the truth, we might not have a chance to progress.. that’s why self evaluation needs to be done.. so that we are in track.. there are many decent Africans, just that there a lot of bad ones too( tears in my eyes). I have discovered that in the need to move on and make our society good. hard truths must be told, we are a corrupt continent at least my country.. our leaders steal and you know why it would not be a problem, because the common man wants to enter power to be corrupt.. the corruption is unspeakable.. we lack ability to project and that’s is why my country is in economic recession… African Americans…. hmm, I think its high time you took up responsibility.. there is no free money anywhere… I would touch a few things that I wonder about African Americans.. does poverty push people into crime as you say? my observation in Africa disputes that; there are many poor people who do not commit crime, many its a matter of what we want to do.. as I know most African Americans can feed, why are they so violent? why is that a minority make up a huge percentage of crime perpetrators? Why is the culture like violence, not speaking in the right way, sagging pants, music associated with violence celebrated, condoned or excused or being blamed on racial inequality?. still, I know there are decent African Americans.. Unfortunately, the blame on their white counterparts is not helping the situation. God bless our respectful countries. love.

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