Being the only Black person at your job can be a daunting and highly interesting experience. For those of us in the corporate world, we’ve all dealt with the awkward silences, the “hair” conversation, the name pronunciation lesson and much more. For those of us that have experienced being the only Black person at work, we often have to hide our inner feelings and thoughts in order to survive. Thankfully a web series called the Unwritten Rules, focuses on this very situation. The web series is based on a young Black woman named Racey who has just started her new job as a manager. Her first day is full of common instances that Black people deal with in the work place. After its first episode, this show quickly went viral.

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5 thoughts on “Being The Only Black Person At Your Job

  1. LOVE this! I laughed out loud quite a few times, because this 6 minute clip speak VOLUMES. I’ve had every senario that this first episode provided too! Can’t wait for more.

  2. Wow! I resemble that clip!! In my first Human Resources job the president asked me to hire a Black person. I asked her “to do what?” as we didn’t currently have any openings. She said, “I don’t know, come up with something”. So I asked my supervisor who laughed and said, “Oh Marg really likes you and she’s afraid you might be lonely because you’re the only Black person here”. She said don’t be offended, it’s stupid but she’s afraid you might leave”. So I posted a job ad for our most entry level position at a community college in a predominately Black area. I had a habit of introducing all new employees to the president on their first day, so on Marcel Jackson’s first day I introduced him to her. She said “oh, hi” and walked away. I called her back saying “Marg this is our new Lab Tech 1 you asked me to hire”. She said “oh, I thought that was your nephew and you were taking him to lunch”!!!!!


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