Troy Davis is launching a weekend long blog conference and Twitter forum highlighting the Troy Davis death sentence case. Starting on Friday September 16th – Sunday September 18th, we will feature blogs from all over the world that are blogging about Troy Davis on the homepage. There will be links to online petitions as well.

We are also holding a Twitter Forum on Sunday September 18th from 7pm – 8 pm EST that will be an in-depth discussion about Troy Davis’ case. Use hashtag #ForTroy in your tweets to participate.
If your website would like to become an official partner of the Blogging For Troy Online Conference and Twitter forum please email us at

Background Information:

Troy Davis was convicted of killing a police officer in 1991. However, he has always proclaimed his innocence. There is few if any evidence connecting Davis to the crime. Furthermore, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimonies and submitted sworn affidavits stating that they were pressured by police to blame Davis for the murder. Additionally, evidence is emerging suggesting that someone else possibly committed the crime. There is too much reasonable doubt in this case for Troy Davis to face execution. However, the state of Georgia has insisted on this death sentence despite the overwhelming reasonable doubt.


Jessica Ann Mitchell
Black Bloggers Connect

Learn more about the case:

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