The Power of Black Love

By Guest Writer Dr. Shanessa Fenner 

There is nothing more beautiful than the love between a Black man and a Black woman.  The security and love that a Black man gives the Black woman is breathtaking. 

We are living in a society that focuses on the breakdown or dismantling of the Black Family structure instead of focusing on the positive aspects.  Black love does exist and will live forever despite the depiction of what society says about Black love. 

Black love exemplifies strength, forgiveness, communication, growing together, trust, reciprocity, unconditional love, and loving each other until your very last breath.  There are couples that are the epitome of Black love such as Bill and Camille Cosby, Will and Jada Smith, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, President Barack and Michelle Obama, and the list goes on.  There is a certain chemistry that Black love emits and others can see and feel it too.

It is important for our children to see the power of Black love so they can have a healthy knowledge of what true love represents.  With 60% of Black households being led by Black women, many children are not able to see healthy relationships between a man and a woman.  Healthy relationships are comprised of trust, honesty and respect.     

Some Black men are reaching out and marrying women of other ethnicities for various reasons.  This action decreases the chance of the Black woman to love and marry a Black man.  It also poses the question is our race giving up on Black love?  Is there a feeling that love and happiness is found elsewhere as in other races?   

We are a beautiful race with a history that should have cemented our people to learn how to stand together, support, and love our own.  The power of Black love is amazing and I do believe it will stand the test of time.         

Dr. Shanessa Fenner is an educator, writer, radio personality, and has her own TV show.  She is a multifaceted Black woman who is motivated and cares about her people.  Her passion is motivating our future youth to be all they can be.     

2 thoughts on “The Power of Black Love

  1. I truely am into strong black love were im from i rarely see it anymore both my parents were black and i like to install that into my kids. So many things in common the beauty of brown skin the history and just life. I dont know my its rare but i still love my string black men.

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