Check Out Some Press For Jessica Ann Mitchell & OurLegaci.com 

Featured on Huffington Post’s “28 Black Lives That Matter” Series February 2015 – “Jerome Murdough, He Too is America.”

Quoted on Sputnik News December 2014 – Ferguson protestors call out systematic racism in US society: Experts

Quoted on MSNBC November 2014 – Piers Morgan has an opinion about the N word

Featured on Huffington Post September 2014 – “All My Life I Had To Fight”

TV Panelist September 2014 – TVOne’s News One Now with Ronald Martin

TV Panelist/Podcast Version September 2014 – Black America Web News One Now with Ronald Martin

Featured on Everyday Feminism August 2014 – 6 Ways My Grandmother Taught Me to Be a Feminist Without Knowing It

Featured on Huffington Post June 2014 – Kara Walker’s Sphinx Is A Missed Opportunity

Featured on LA Progressive January 2014 – Glamming Up Slavery: Ani DiFranco’s Plantation Paradise

TV Panelist December 2013 – TVOne’s News One Now with Ronald Martin

Featured on the Huffington Post December 2013 – Please Excuse Davontaye, He Suffers From Povertenza

Cited on The Michigan Daily December 2013 – Kanye’s Franz Fanon Complex

Featured on The Tavis Smiley Network November 2013 – Round Table With Stephanie Robertson Panelist “Skin Deep: Defining Beauty”

Featured on the Syracuse Post Standard July 2013 – “On Trayvon Martin: Debunking Prof. Laurence Thomas’ Black-On-Black Crime”

Keynote Speaker November 2012 – The Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s “Women Hold Up Half The Sky” Series (Fox 19)

Cited on The Business Insider August 2012 – “Stop Apologizing For Being Black: Natural Hair In The Work Place”

Cited on The Grindstone July 2012 – “Stop Apologizing For Being Black: Natural Hair In The Work Place”

Mentioned on NewsOne.com  October 2011 – “The Lit Bit: Connecting The Book Inside Of You”

Featured on Pambazuka News September 2011 – “Making The Case For Digital Activism”



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