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    1. Uncle Harry: is completely right about Jay-z, it’s just shame how we get out of the America mass, and forget how we got out, but that’s alright because the that on the top, when God finally puts his people back in the position he create us to be, Mr. Jay-Z find his ass back on the bottom, or when the most High get grid of him and all of other people that see whats going on and don’t do anything, they will pay in the end. So it has been written.

      1. Hi…Jessica, you are spot on with you article. Jay Z is a sell out to corporate greed. Also, it not just limited to the music industry, that we Blacks in America have influence, it also in the public labor sector too!!! I recently watch with dismay as our union president sold our all the hard working members in exchange for so called political gain.

  1. Hi, would like to follow you on FB, but link doesn’t seem to work? I am not black but stumbled upon your article about Belafonte and Jay-Z and thought it was wonderful and have forwarded it to some friends (black, male) who work with black youth who have complained about the lack of knowledge of history and respect — saying this is a new and pernicious development and very dangerous. I agree. Really like your blog — and the format. KUDOS. Would love to read more articles like these — it’s very important that we start talking about these issues – -and not just to “each other” — DNA testing is proving how ridiculous our conceptions about ethnicity are…I am a “white” woman whose famly has been here since the mid-1600s…and geneticists will tell me that means the odds are “overwhelming” that I have African blood (I am not, but the odds are high). And as Prof Gates’s show has been proving, many, many, MANY people who have always thought of themselves as only “African” Americans — or even African/native Americans have been shocked to find they’r really No. European/African Americans… LOVE IT! Vive le discussion!

    1. VERY BAD typo in that last posting. It should have said “…that I have African blood (I may not, but the odds are high). I’d actually think it was fascinating if it turned out that I do — but my comment “I am not” instead of “I may not” might also be a very interesting “Freudian typo,” eh? 🙂

    2. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. I’m glad that my blog has been able to reach so many people and facilitate discussion. I’m constantly writing, so stay tuned for more articles 🙂

  2. These words are so firm,crazy how society allows itself to close its eyes upon the very ones in which they’ve created. Yet stand for them in which case the ones whom we’ve giving the power won’t even carry a concerned voice.

  3. I appreciate the time your investing in keeping the masses informed (including myself). I would like to repost your stories via my blog site, giving credit and resource back to your page.

  4. Jessica Ann Mitchell, you are a genius. I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but it is hands down one of the best blogs I have ever followed and spent hours on. Thank you for your insightful articles, and the inspiring way you shed light on issues that often spur fun debates (at least, within my circle of friends). You have a great way of exploring and elegantly articulating realizations about our community. Please, keep doing what you do, as you have just gained another fan. And yes indeed, God bless you

  5. Very glad to come across your blog today. I’m a filmmaker focused on social justice issues especially education equality. You can check out my short film series at We are currently working on 3 more short films, one about a young father unjustly arrested in Wash., DC in front of his sons simply for daring to question the police officer (who lies during the event to higher-ups and in the police report). Another film includes a story of a teacher who abused a 4th-grade girl in a South Central elementary school, but was protected by the union, put on paid leave and returned to the school the following year. The girl did not fare so well. Would be great to connect with you. (- @KellyAmis)

  6. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your blog. I am presently reading “The Wretched of the Earth”, and I was so happy to see this blog post. I have signed up to receive notifications on your postings. Well done.
    I am wondering if you would like to hear about my PhD dissertation. It is on the social norms around stereotypes and attitudes about diversity. My goal is to become the first female black philosopher to achieve tenure in Canada, and to write about these issues for the rest of my life. Would you consider reading my proposal? Please send me a personal message at the email address I have provided. Thank you!


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