The Worst Day Of Your Life Might Be The Best Day Of Your Life

We all go through days that seem to take all of our strength to get through. Sometimes, we have experiences that are life changing and we don’t know how or why it’s happening to us. My grandmother experienced this over 50 years ago. As a young wife and mother, Mrs. Hattie Virginia Jones decided to start working to bring in some extra income. At the time, my grandfather was the sole family provider. They had a house full of children and were living on limited funds. The extra income from my grandmother working was helpful. She enjoyed being able to buy her children extra Christmas presents.

Jam & Grandma

However, they were living in government housing aka “the projects.” Due to her additional income, however minimal it was, authorities said she was making too much to continue living there. My struggling grandparents, with a house full of children, were kicked out and forced to pack up everything. Some would expect my grandmother to be bitter about this situation. But instead, decades later, she used it as a testimony. She said,”The day they kicked us out of the projects, I thought it was the worst day of my life. But now I’m glad. Because if I was never kicked out, I never would have bought a house.” Years later she bought a second house.

Someone told this story as one of her many testimonies at her funeral this past March. The house that my grandparents bought is full of memories from my mother’s childhood and my childhood. I picked plums off the trees in the back yard. I slept beside my cousins and shared peanut butter syrup sandwiches. Even as a college student, on summer breaks I’d go to grandmother’s house and sleep beside her like a little child. And even as she lay taking her last breaths, that house is where her children gathered to sing hymnals, pray, and hold her hand as she went home to be with God.

Grandma & her first Great Great Grandchild

When my grandparents were kicked out of the projects, my grandmother didn’t know what was in store for her. She didn’t see the treasure and foundation that she was about to create. She thought it was the worst day of her life. It turned out to be the beginning of a long loving, memory filled journey that impacted the lives of all the generations she nurtured. When she died, her legacy was continued through her 6 children, 14 grandchildren, 12 great grand children and one great great grand child. Every one of us spent our childhood in the house she never would have bought, if she hadn’t been kicked out of the projects.

The worst day of your life, might be the best day of your life.






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