I’m Dunn With Florida


The state that let Casey Anthony roam free and put guns back in George Zimmerman’s hands has now become infamous for some of the most outrageous cases with even more outrageous verdicts. Some view Florida as some sort of Twilight Zone in which open and shut/common sense situations are rarely handled as such. But the truth is Florida is a blatant representation of the violent tug-of-war centered on the citizenship rights and humanity of African descended peoples (Black people). The clarion call from “Birth Of A Nation” sounded in 1915 and its echoes still bellow across America. The belief that “Blacks” should be feared and the pathos allowing for someone to legally execute even the smallest among us is the driving force behind stand your ground laws and much of the “justifiable” deadly force logic in thinly laced “self defense” accounts.

Even as we learned that Michael Dunn gunned down an unarmed teenager and afterwards ordered pizza and jurors were still confused about whether or not this was 1st degree murder.


Jordan Davis

Where is the confusion? The confusion lies in the inability of some to divide their own internalized/learned fears from the reality that a child has died. Often in these cases people think, “What would I have done? What if it were me?” In the sad case of Trayvon Martin the jurors more than likely aligned their own fears of Black teenagers along with George Zimmerman’s; giving him the benefit of the doubt and allowing Trayvon, to be labeled an aggressor even though Trayvon was the one being followed. The same can be said for some of the jurors in the Michael Dunn trial. Though he blasted bullets and punctured the flesh of an unarmed human being, his “fears” of mythical gangsters upheld by “thug” music, some how legitimized Dunn’s spray of bullets enough for their to be a mistrial.

Some are stating that these verdicts highlight a license to kill but this is wrong. It’s more than about one or two people. This is a license to exterminate. Trayvon and Jordan represent a population in America that has been abhorred, hated and subjugated for centuries. Even still we’ve managed to live, even thrive in some cases. This has infuriated those that wish to see Black and Brown people members of a permanent underclass.

When it comes to justice for us, verdicts in trials like these signal that the mainstream population views us as “not quite” human beings. Those that kill a Black person are given lighter sentences and fewer years in prison. This upholds the ever present three fifths of a human being compromise of 1787 (almost, but not quite human so the penalty is less). Though initially the compromise was about state representation, the premise is the still the same.

In all honesty, Florida is not far off from the rest of the US. It’s a peculiar state, which is bursting with multicultural communities that are surrounded by gatekeepers of the olden days, the good ole’ boys and gals. It’s a state with one foot in and one foot out of Jim Crow. This is why voter suppression tactics are suddenly vital for Florida. If law makers could construct new versions of the Grandfather’s clause they would…and they’re trying to.

Like other people, I’m done with Florida in its current condition.  Cases like this remind us of the thousands of other dead children with forgotten names and unmarked graves. Strange fruit. Yet, the Blacks are still here. The Native Americans are still here. The Latinos are still here. The freedom seeking, anti-oppression people of all colors are still here.

We’re not going to be silenced or forced out. The fear and aggression are enough to cause fatigue but these are examples of a declining era fighting desperately to hang on, yet is bound to fail. These battles are hard fought but history has shown us that it’s possible. A new Florida, a new America is possible.



“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”- MLK Jr.

JamAllen2-nb-smallJessica Ann Mitchell is the founder of OurLegaci.com & BlackBloggersConnect.com. To reach JAM, email her at OurLegaci@gmail.com.

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7 thoughts on “I’m Dunn With Florida

  1. Thanks for putting it all into perspective JAM. I’m more pissed off than anything else. When will it end and what can we do?

    • I think that activists need to continue pushing back against voter suppression laws and educating the public on initiatives and causes that could benefit us as a whole.

  2. I think that we should do the same thing to them that they do to us and that would be hit them in the pocket. Whenever we make them mad in any kind of way they garnish our pay checks, fine us, and most importantly they never spend money with us. If we as a people stop spending our money in their stores it would hit them very hard. Spend black dollars with black businesses as much as we can. If they want to be segregated from us let them…they worship money and we spend most of our money with them. I know that this has little to do with the conversation at hand but at the same time it would definitely get their attention and force them to listen to our demands. STAND YOUR GROUND…THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD DO!

    • I can understand what you are saying here. That being said, I really want to say that sometimes fighting fire with fire only serves to make a bigger fire. The fight, the struggles to raise up and be heard…. the efforts that African Americans have worked so hard on… believe me, white people are listening. The stereotypes and prejudice that have plagued African Americans are truly changing. The problem Ephrem right now is that the media takes these incidence and they go on and on about them. I’m not saying Travon Martin was not important, I’m saying that George Zimmerman is not king of the whites, and can not represent an entire race, nor can the ancestors that have long since died, the few remaining have one foot in the grave. The true pictures of how people feel and how the majority is seeing the world, just isn’t getting “air time”. Whites as rich, money grubbing devils who live only to cause suffering in the world is a stereotype. The bad apples are the ones getting the attention, and my friend there is a good reason. Let me ask you this question, it is one that plagues my mind: If a very small group wanted to control and rule over the masses….. how could that be accomplished? Say the 1% really was…. as people say…. ruling America… how could a measly couple hundred folks control around 315 people? Divide them… make sure that “the right hand didn’t know what the left was doing”. While Travon Martin and George Zimmerman played on our television, radio and internet non stop…. our lawmakers was up to something that at first glance seemed benign…separating food stamps and welfare aid from aid given to groups such as farmers. So what? right? It got no media attention. I found this out because I like to keep up with how my politicians vote. Now what happened was, people who depended on food stamps got their benefits cut. How do you keep a nation busy? Easy, throw up some story about racist whites and regurgitate it over and over….. until black people are ready to riot, and the white people get sick of seeing it on CNN so the flip on Fox and get the same regurgitation of whatever it is ticking them off that day. All the time……..we lose sight of who our real enemy is. The sad thing is……. I am classified as “white” …. strange how I am the exact shade as the “light skin black” girl I work with……… and at 34 years old………I have never in my life met a human being that was colored white, black, yellow or red……… all I see is shades of brown……..humans are told to hate….. on a complete and utter myth. We honestly are all the same.

      • I’m sorry, I just don’t think that we should wait until the old farts who have all of the money die to make our point heard. I’m not talking about causing a riot…I just think that we as a people don’t support each other nearly enough. Every other race of people in this country support the businesses of their culture except us. Hispanics buy Hispanic food from Hispanic stores, whites buy from whites, Asians buy Asian. Blacks buy from whites. A third of them hate us and the rest are scared to offend the powers that be. Treyvon and Dunn are simply exampls of how the so called whites that are on our side act when the pressure is on.

  3. I was saddened by the verdict in this trial. I was surprised that Dunn can’t see his own hypocrisy in his letters he wrote. On the one had he states that the courts are slanted towards black people, and then goes onto state that the jail is full of blacks who all act like thugs. I don’t understand how this can be true. How can the courts be for black folks, but at the same time fill the jails with them? I explained this as a clash of beliefs. On the one hand, he’s repeating what he’s heard via conservative talking points, ie Fox news and the like. On the other hand, he’s recounting what he’s seeing in jail, a lot of black faces. If Dunn is a victim of anything, it’s of being dumb.

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