Eye Color Surgery: Blind Is The New Perm

“Each night, without fail, she prayed for blue eyes. Fervently, for a year she had prayed. Although somewhat discouraged, she was not without hope. To have something as wonderful as that would take a long, long time.”
― Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Photo Credit: CBC News, Beatriz Murillo

Photo Credit: CBC News, Beatriz Murillo

For ages, various members of the Black community have droned on and on about how perming hair is a sign of self hatred. While, I disagree with this blanketed statement, I do believe that on many levels it isn’t without merit. And I’ve written about this before. No one can deny the fact the many people get perms in order to avoid their African derived hair texture. Nevertheless, as technology advances, new ways of Europeanizing changing our looks emerge.

Many of us laugh and poke fun at African Americans that are still wearing colored contacts in 2013. However, an even scarier thing is happening. People are running out to peel their eyelids in the name of “beauty.” Yes, for a $5,000 to $7,000 fee, you can change your dark brown eyes permanently to blue. However, patients are paying an even heftier price.

Thirty-six year old artist Beatriz Murillo, is now legally blind after having the procedure done in Panama. She wanted blue eyes and she got them. But they were more than she bargained for. Since the procedure, she has endured intense pain in her eyes. Murillo also began to have trouble seeing. Even after getting the iris implants removed, having a number of corrective surgeries and a cornea transplant, things did not get better. Now Murillo has to live with the possibility of only vaguely seeing blurry shapes and being legally blind for the rest of her life.

I can’t help but think of the irony of these situations juxtaposed to Toni Morrison’s Bluest Eye.  I swear, that woman is prophetic.



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16 thoughts on “Eye Color Surgery: Blind Is The New Perm

  1. This is a shame! I wish people would love themselves enough to stop doing things like this. She was already a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, now she won’t be able to see herself at all.

  2. “Eye Color Surgery: Blind Is The New Perm”
    Being legally blind for the rest of your life is not an easy position to be in. Because of a desire to have something not given to you from birth. The price for beauty is high indeed. The beauty was there from the beginning for we all are different with unique color of eyes to match who we are. We should feel empowered about who we are even in our own skin. The contacts are change enough for those in need of being other than who they are. Being legally blind dose not mean you can not see but it is a journey that takes you through the ADA system of being. This is a shame! because she will feel the sting of being legally blind by society at large. I know because my blindness is from birth. My eye color is hazel brown which is fine with me. For 20/20 sight would I have even loved brown. “Eye Color Surgery: Blind Is The New Perm” research in progress on how many people will become legally blind from eye color enhancement surgery stay tuned!!!

  3. Wow. As a child, I wondered why we couldn’t just “dye” our eyes as we do our hair. It’s crazy how it’s actually happening and that people are actually doing it!

  4. I take issue with the title of this article but regardles, this woman is stupid! Your eyes—come on! I won’t even put contacts in my eyes-they are precious to me and I love my beautiful brown eyes! I’ve never wanted another color. To me, perming your hair or coloring your hair are not the same thing. While I’m sure there are black women who perm because they want to have hair like caucasians, there are also some of us who straighten our hair because it makes it more manageable–self-hatred has nothing to do with it! Why is it that when caucasian women straighten there hair it’s to make it more manageable but for black women, it’s self hatred????? I don’t get it. While my hair is not chemically permed ( do flat iron), I often go between wearing it in its natural state and flat iron. All black women do NOT have the same hair texture or type. Please, please stop putting us all into the same category and making general assumptions.

    • Thank you. And for the record relaxing your hair does not give you hair like Caucasians. I grew up with plenty of white people (Catholic school from K – 12) These girls would come to school with their hair wet, throw it in a ponytail or bun and in a few hours it would be bone straight looking like their about to do a pantene commercial. I don’t know any relaxer that can make your hair do that. And if there is one please let me know.

      • If you are referring to white girls coming to school with wet hair in a ponytail, then it being perfectly straight a few hours later; *raises hand*. Right here. My hair is as straight as a piece of paper. I can put gel, mousse and a curling iron on it, hair spray the heck out of it and 3 minutes later it’s straight again. My hair will not curl! I got a spiral perm, many, MANY times.. straight again a week later. So yes, I can put my hair in a bin or ponytail wet and take it down hours later to paper straight hair.

      • Nah. I’m referring to the fact that a black woman getting her hair relaxed does not make her hair “more Caucasian ” as so many people like to say. Getting a relaxer definitely makes black hair more convenient to manage (at least for me). But I in no way feel my relaxed hair is like my white friend’s hair.

    • I do agree with tareco though. It’s a shame that the author felt the need to lump all women in the same category and essentially say that “if you flat iron your hair you hate yourself”. That’s pretty pathetic and a ridiculous statement to make. If I were you I’d think about what you say b before you go writing articles about how other people feel. Who are you to say what other people feel?

      Inappropriate and cruel.

      • Actually, in re-reading the article she says many, not all women so I will retract my comment and apologize to you Jessica. I should have read more carefully. So, my sincerest apologies to you madam.

  5. Very sad how such a gorgeous woman couldn’t see her beauty already and did something so drastic that she lost her vision over vanity! I am completely blind in my right eye.. I would NEVER do a to jeopardize my vision!! That’s crazy. Be thankful for the beautiful you that God made.

  6. This can’t be real. This is so sick and sad, it boggles the mind. Why can’t each person love themselves the way God made them, why can’t they each value their genetics that make them each unique? Have human ego become so fragile, so distorted, so envious? Afrikan American females and their obsession with weaves and skin bleaching creams that damage the skin extensively, White females with the obsession of collagen lip injections disfiguring their phenotype and unbalancing their aesthetic, damaging tans that ravage the skin because of their lack of melanocytes, Asian females undergoing eye surgery. Has the entire world gone insane? Do women hate themselves so much?

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